Published on 08/18/2017 11:25 am
What are The Steps To Create a Company File in MYOB?

When you use MYOB application then you’ll need to create a company document so that you can record transactions of your organization. Here in this blog, we are trying to guide you on some easy steps to create a company document by using file assistant. Just follow these given steps to create a new file or you want to complete it with MYOB support team, then give us a call.

Follow the below steps for creating a document in MYOB software:

  • First, open file assistant then click on “Create a new company file” this will open a new document.
  • If you already have a report open in its menu bar then select File> New.  
  • It has a number of windows and there are two ways to navigate and you have to click on “Welcome to MYOB new company file Assistant” and then click “Next”.  
  • Once you click “Next” and then you get an option “Create your company file” and you can also press cancel if you already have created from the assistant.
  • Be careful when you enter information while creating a new report but some details can be changed once your document has been created. There are some settings that can’t be alter, so be accurate with your work.
  • Once you click on “Next” then you get a page to fill the required data about your company. Just fill a company name, A.B.N., address and phone number once you have created a company report.
  • Once you entered the details and click “Next”. You won’t be able to change A.B.N., address and phone number.
  • Once you fill the entire information and click “Next” and from menu bar select set up and then office details.
  • There you get account information section, Account List, File, and make sure you have entered the data carefully. Once you are done with the information click “Next”.
  • And you get “Confirmed your account information window” where you can preview your filled information and once you find all correct then click “Save”.

With these above-mentioned steps, you are able to create a new document and you can fill the information required.

In case, you get puzzled somewhere then speak with an expert by dialing MYOB Support 048879113 and our team of professionals will guide you through the process. You can also discuss your concerns via live chat or email.

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