Published on 08/08/2017 5:26 am
MYOB accounting software: A complete financial solution

In a generation taking strides towards the corporate, accounting software are not a niche anymore. People from small businesses to the largest conglomerated partake in such technologies. MYOB is the birth child of such financial renaissance.

MYOB or (Mind Your Own Business) is an application designed and distributed by the similarly named Corporation of Australia. This corporation is known for providing tax, accounting and other services to small to large businesses. The software is the culmination of all the organization’s services into one.How does this accounting tech stand apart from the rest?

To be perfectly honest, the need of this generation has spawned an entire hospice of financial applications. This does not make this easy for an old corporation such as MYOB, to maintain its foothold. But alas, it is indeed one of the most trusted ones. But why?! It’s because it sports simple features with true customization, and perfection.

The many features of this enigmatic accounting software:

The “Mind Your Own Business” accounting software sports features so versatile, it can be considered amazing even by today’s standards.  Its feature includes:

  • Work online for maximum productivity: The software has availed online features for maximum access and productivity. You can update, delete, select respective transactions and make rectifications as you desire.

  • The best bank feeds:  MYOB has access to the best bank feeds. This enabled bankers and accountants with linking of credit cards with the bank accounts. This process could be accomplished in mere minutes saving the most abstract and important commodity; time.

  • Easy GST calculation: GST or General Services tax allow prudent money management. With an assertion on the online aspect, it is thereby easy to track and calculate GST using this technology.

  • Get payed directly: MYOB takes in account the payment pertaining to the invoices and pipelines the information through Pay Direct Online. This avails direct payment through invoices.

  • Offline capabilities: The titular tech retains its full functionality while being used in an offline capacity. All the features that enabled this software online might be used offline. Also, local backups of pertaining data can be created for offline functionality.

  • Management of suppliers and customers: In all honesty, this feature is available in many other accounting services. But none does it with the finesse of MYOB. It allows extensive management right down to the core of suppliers and customer. This in-depth analysis results in a positively astounding business practice.

  • Also available on Mobile: Dubbed as accounting on the go, MYOB has found its place in the universe of I Cloud and Google as well. Through the interactive and immersive mobile app, accounting with the titular software couldn’t be more comfortable.

  • In-depth report creation: The aforementioned accounting software allows the user to create in depth reports pertaining to the extensive transactions. These reports are easy to comprehend and create.

  • Accessing with multiple accounts: The technology can also be accessed with multiple accounts. This enables a workspace based on online-collaboration between the employer and his/her employees.

The aforementioned features are just of fraction of what this software can provide. For further details and more information, please contact MYOB technical support for assistance. You can contact us on our toll free number 048879113.

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