Published on07/27/2017 12:52 pm

If you are using MYOB application to manage accounts of your organization, the very first requirement is to set up the tax codes that you can use to set up different accounts. 

Here is a complete description that explains:

  • How to add a toll regulation?
  • How to delete an excise regulation?
  • How to modify an existing code?

How to add a tax code?

Open your application and go to toll regulation list from the menu bar and go to toll codes.

Now a toll regulation list window will open that gives you an opportunity to add, delete or modify an existing regulation.

In order to add a toll code, you need to click on “New” icon in this window which next opens an excise code information window.

Here you can enter a three characters regulation, you can enter a description if you want or an excise type to reveal those fields, and press “Tab” on your keyboard then you will get the following:

Type a description in the tax regulation.

  • select a toll type.
  • Enter excise rate for that tax.
  • Select a linked account for
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