Published on 12/08/2017 12:38 pm
How to Set Up User Access on MYOB?

MYOB is accounting software designed to ease accounting work. There is no doubt that it saves a lot of time, which can be utilized for planning in business growth. It comes on the top list of accounting software when to generate the reports. A person can receive specific information about his business quickly and easily with the help of this software. It also reduces accounting fees if all the information is already entered on MYOB system. It becomes very easy to centralize all the business details in one software program through this software. The great thing about this software is that you can customize the security levels for some fellows for the information which you don’t want them to ingress.

Users can allow entry to their account anywhere and anytime in case if their company file is online. If a person is not online, then also he can set up user entry to control who can access the file and track transaction record history.

If You Want to Set Up User Access for the Other Person to Allow Him to do Work With Your Data on MYOB, Then Follow the Given Steps:

If Your File is Offline

  1. Firstly, you have to create a user account for each individual who will access your file.
  • To add a new user, open the company file and navigate to Setup menu.
  • Select User Access and then click New user.
  • Now, select this option “This user will sign on with a my.MYOB account” option.
  • Enter the name of the person in the required field and also type their email address.
  • Select the link Set an offline password and enter the password for them to access the file.

2. After doing this, that person will receive an email invitation to access your online file. He/she has to accept the invitation to continue the process.

3. Once he accepts the invitation he can access the file according to the permissions you give him.

If Your File is Online

  • Firstly, you have to create an account for each individual who will access your document.
  • Send them the details for the User Id and the Password.
  • Now, assign them a role to determine what areas of the document they can work with.

I hope you have found the solution to your problem. If not, then make a call at MYOB Technical Support Number NZ +64-099509148 and get every possible solution from our experts. For an instant solution to the issues encountering in this software, this is the right place to contact. Quick solution is given by our certified engineers, who satisfies the customers and allow them to continue their work. So, move ahead and never leave a chance to contact us for your help.

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